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Mount Kilimanjaro guards Amboseli. © Shutterstock
Amboseli Safaris

Amboseli is known as Kenya’s land of giants, and it’s not hard to see why. Africa’s tallest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, towers over the national park, and it’s also one of the best places in East Africa to encounter elephant in numbers. No wonder people use superlatives to describe Amboseli safaris.

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Lions certainly rule the Masai Mara. © Shutterstock
Masai Mara Safaris

The place that launched a thousand clips, and millions of images. There’s no more iconic safari destination than Kenya’s Masai Mara, with its eponymous tribespeople, millions of thundering hooves, and equal parts drama, magic and romance. Kenya itineraries without Masai Mara safaris are almost unthinkable, and every moment spent there is unforgettable.

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Ol Pejeta is a pioneering wildlife conservancy. © Shutterstock
Ol Pejeta Safaris

Ol Pejeta is a pioneering wildlife conservancy in Laikipia – Kenya’s high country. With the emphasis firmly on species conservation, Ol Pejeta safaris offer not only exceptional opportunities to view species that are scarce elsewhere, but also to learn about, contribute to and even participate in ground-breaking and impactful conservation projects.

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Samburu is well known for the elephant research carried out there. © Shutterstock
Samburu Safaris

Samburu is the ‘other Kenya’ – this semi-arid region in the north of the country feels very different to say the Masai Mara or Amboseli. It’s much drier and the scenery is more rugged. Even the wildlife is different, with species that aren’t found elsewhere in Kenya. What’s not to enjoy about Samburu safaris?

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At times, Lake Elmenteita appears glass like. © Shutterstock
Lake Elmenteita Safaris

Lake Elmenteita offers a more secluded safari destination than either of its neighbouring lakes (Naivasha and Nakuru), which can make it feel more exclusive. The unique volcanic landscape adds to the sense of being wonderfully removed from all that’s unimportant – and the unusual wildlife species seen on Lake Elmenteita safaris only reinforce this impression.

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Giraffe find refuge in Kenya's conservation areas. © iStock
Kenya Safaris

Kenya has as good a claim as anywhere to being the country where modern safaris began, and where they’re done best, and it still regularly features high on travel magazines ‘must-visit’ lists. Kenya has been doing what it does best for decades, and yet there’s always something new to discover on Kenya safaris.

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