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We have compiled a list of ten most often asked questions and anwers about travel to East Africa.
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Travel to any destination involves some risk and the countries featured by Wildlife Safari are not immune to problems from time to time. However, with over forty years experience in East Africa and our policy of using only the finest accommodation and transportation means that we reduce the potential risk. Safety is always our first priority at Wildlife Safari and we will never compromise any guest, our staff or equipment for the sake of operating to a schedule.

Most of our safaris are not really demanding and feature excellent accommodation, cuisine and comfortable air and ground transportation. However, we realise that some of our guests enjoy some physical activity on Safari so we have introduced some short treks, usually at no extra cost. Please inform us if you have any questions or concerns about mobility. The more adventurous traveller can climb Kilimanjaro, gorilla trek in Uganda or travel with a luxury mobile safari camp. Contact Wildlife Safari for further details.

East Africa is a year round destination with a comfortable climate and excellent game viewing throughout the year. The wildebeest migration is the most famous wildlife spectacle that occurs anytime from May to October (northwards) and from December to February (Southwards) but wildlife is still found in great concentrations year round. Take advantage of the “low season” months for travel as they offer excellent value for money without the crowds- that is why these months are “low season”.

Being equatorial, East Africa has fairly constant temperatures year round with rains historically coming in April/May and November/December, although this has varied over the last few years. Southern Africa has more pronounced seasons with hot, wet summers and cool, dry winters inland. The coastal areas are reversed with dry summers and wet winters. Inland areas have relatively low humidity and temperatures drop as altitudes climb, while coastal areas are usually hot and humid.

U.S citizens require tourist visas for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Wildlife Safari can provide application forms with confirmation of your safari. Vaccination requirements vary from country to country and a travel doctor or health authority is best qualified to advise you as well as suggest your anti malaria medication.

The cuisine throughout is excellent with a large selection at breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a good range of beverages at all lodges. The hotels, safari lodges and camps selected by Wildlife Safari maintain the highest standards of food storage, hygiene and preparation. Our senior management conducts regular inspections of the properties that we sell and we always start with the kitchen and food areas.

Wear comfortable and casual clothing on safari and avoid bright colors. Remember to bring comfortable walking shoes and warm clothing for nights at higher altitudes. Some city hotels and restaurants require jacket and tie for men and appropriate attire for women. Same day laundry service is available.

Wildlife Safari operates a radio UHF/VHF communications system in East Africa and every vehicle keeps in contact with the base office. Cellular telephones are now widely used. The Flying Doctor Service is available in case of emergency and medical facilities in the major cities are modern and well staffed. Emergency telephone contacts are included with your tour documents. Your hotel staff is always ready and willing to assist with any emergency.

East Africa is a shopper’s paradise- with excellent local handicrafts, wood and stone artifacts, semi precious and precious gems, textiles, clothing, and an array of other goods. Haggling is a way of life, except in the large city stores, and your “Safari Shillings” vouchers will get you started on your shopping at a selection of boutiques.

None. You should have switched to digital by now and you can recharge your batteries at every safari lodge and camp. East Africa is a photographer’s paradise so remember to bring a zoom lens together with an adequate memory storage and camera charger.

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